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Timeline of Krynn; The River of Time

The Age Of Starbirth
Before the Beginning, there is Chaos. Then, out of the Chaos comes thought and being-the High God. Paladine and
Takhisis answer the High God's call, and Gilean serves the Balance between Good and Evil. Among their companion
 is Reorx, who forges a mighty hammer and smites the Chaos. The sparks that fly up from the hammer light the heavens
as stars!
Reorx then shapes the great globe of Krynn and a sun to light it. Paladine and Takhisis give birth to the First Born Five
dragons, but the Dark Queen corrupts them. Grief-stricken Paladine breathes life into statues of precious metals to form
metallic dragons.
In the All Dragons War, the forces of Good and Evil release terrible devastation upon the world. Ashamed, the gods vow to
stop the war. Soon, however, they covet the spirits of the living stars and battle erupts again in the All Saints War. Ultimately,
the gods of light give the spirits physical bodies, the dark gods curse them with mortality, and the gray gods give them free will.
Next, the deities of Good fashion elves, those of Evil shape ogres, and those of Neutrality create humans. The High God forms
other children of Krynn. Finally, each family of gods produces one of the gods of magic, each taking as his symbol one of Krynn's three moons.

The Age of Dreams
Dates are referenced by Pre Cataclian reckoning, meaning "Pre-Cataclysm."
The Foundation Time
9000-8500PC: Ogres claim Krynn's mountains, elves withdraw to the forests, and humans take the plains.
8500-5000PC: Ogres build an empire with human slaves.
8700PC: Reorx chooses a group of humans to take to a northern land and teach his craft.
6320-5980PC: Igraine's heresy; slave revolts begin.
6000-5000PC: As ogres embrace cruelty, humans rise up to slay their masters. Ogre civilization falls.
5000-3000PC: Elves seek to build their own civilization in a wood already home to the chromatic dragons.

The Time of Light
4000PC: Elves, under Silvanos, prepare for war against the dragons. Meanwhile, the god of the Forge curses
 his proud; many consider this the birth of the gnomes.
3500-3350PC: First Dragon War; the three gods of magic exiled for interfering; creation of the Graygem.
3350PC: Silvanesti is founded. Meanwhile, the gods of magic reenter the world through the Graystone.
3100PC: The Graystone releases wild magic. Some of the chosen chase it and are transformed into Scions.
3100-2900PC: The chosen kill most Scions, then retreat to caves that dwarves will later call Kal-Thax.
3051PC: Gargath captures the Graystone, which alters the forms of all present at the siege of his tower. Birth
 of minotaurs, dwarves, kender, goblins, and other races.
2900-2700PC: Dwarves delve Thorin; Scions tutor folk touched by the Graygem; minotaurs found Mithandrus.
2710PC: Dwarves discover the dragon stones from the First Dragon War and return them to the surface.
2690-2645PC: The Second Dragon War; release of wild magic; formation of the Lost Citadel.
2645-2550PC: Birth of Orders of Magic and conception of Towers of High Sorcery; dwarves seal Thorin.
2600PC: A barbarian chief unites human tribes into the Empire of Ergoth, destroying all who won't yield.
2500-2200PC: Ergoth expands; trade with elves leads to intermarriage and half-elves. Gully dwarves appear.
2515PC: Silvanos dies; border relations became strained among humans, half-elves, and elves.
2150-2000PC: Dwarves found Thorbardin; Thorin declines, becoming known as Thoradin.
2308PC: Twin elven princes, Sithas and Kith-Kanan, are born in Silvanesti.
2192-2140PC: The slaying of the elf Speaker leads to the Kinslayer War.
2140-2100PC: The elf faction loyal to Kith-Kanan declares independence from Silvanesti.
2128-2073PC: Disputes between Thorbardin and declining Ergoth result in the War of the Mountain.
2073PC: Kith-Kanan engineers the Swordsheath Scroll peace treaty between the elves, dwarves, and Ergoth.
2072PC: Thorbardin's dwarves forge a replica of the hammer of Reorx, presenting it to Ergoth as a peace
offering. It later will be called the Hammer of Kharas.
2050-2030PC: Kith-Kanan and his elves migrate west to their new homeland: Qualinesti.
2009PC: Thoradin has vanished inexplicably.

The Time of Knights
2000-1900PC: Humans, dwarves, and elves erect the fortress of Pax Tharkas, a monument to peace.
1900-1750PC: Brutal emperors reign in Ergoth, exploiting citizens to the point of rebellion.
1812PC: Vinas Solamnus becomes Praetor and commands the guards in Ergoth's capital.
1801PC: Solamnus marches east to crush a rebellion.
1800PC: Solamnus and his army join the rebels.
1799-1791PC: In the Rose Rebellion, Solamnus wins the rebels independence from Ergoth.
1775PC: A divine vision leads Solamnus to found the Knights of Solamnia, protectors of the world.
1750-1300PC: New nations arise from ruined Ergoth.
1600-1560PC: The minotaur hero Ambeoutin founds a nation of brutal honor in northeastern Ansalon.
Upon his death his sons Mithas and Kothas divide the realm.
1480PC: The realm of Istar develops into a nexus for world trade, while Solamnia remains a military power.
1399-1010PC: Takhisis seeds the mines of Thoradin with dragon eggs, returning her children to Krynn.
1060-1018PC: The Third Dragon War; mages create five Dragon Orbs, which call the dragons to their doom.
1018PC: Huma Dragonbane and his beloved Gwyneth-really the silver dragon, Heart-find the first dragonlances.
 Takhisis herself falls to a lance and swears to depart with her dragons.

The Age of Might
Dates are referenced by Pre Cataclian reckoning, meaning "Pre-Cataclysm."
1000-800PC: Istar dominates world trade. Dwarves reopen Thoradin, driving out a few ogres.
980PC: Dwarves found the kingdom of Kaolyn.
967PC: Thorbardin begins work on the city of Zakhalax, also called the Life-Tree.
948PC: Thorbardin founds Hillow, an outlying hill dwarf kingdom. It will be home to hero Flint Fireforge.
940PC: The elven nations grow more isolationist.
910-825PC: Ogre wars with Thoradin end with Solamnic intervention.
850-727PC: Years of Istaran military action result in the Kendermeld, or Kender Tax.
673-630PC: After a skirmish with the elves leads to a blockade, Istar learns the value of treaty over force.
530-522PC: Ogres threaten trade routes briefly. Thoradin signs exclusive trade agreement with Istar.
490-476PC: Solamnics drive back the barbarians raiding Istar's caravans and sign the Greatmeld.
460-280PC: Istar, the center of commerce, tax, and art, rules all Ansalon during a period of peace.
280PC: Claiming to be the moral compass of the world, Istar installs a Kingpriest.
260-212PC: The finest artisans in the world build the Temple of Istar to the glory of the Kingpriest.
250-100PC: Kingpriest represses dissenters. Elves, disgusted at human arrogance, withdraw to their woods.
118PC: The Proclamation of Manifest Virtue; loss of Istaran clerical magic.
94PC: The Kingpriest begins exterminating "Evil" races.
80-20PC: Istar is now the center of religion. Wizards-as threats to the Kingpriest-are hunted criminals.
41PC: The Kingpriest plots his ascension to godhood.
19PC: Siege of Towers of High Sorcery leads to two towers' destruction. Kingpriest exiles mages but
 claims Istar's tower. Tower at Palanthas is cursed.
6PC: The Kingpriest issues the Edict of Thought Control: Evil thoughts equal Evil deeds.
1PC: Kingpriest tries to elevate himself to godhood; deities call their true priests home.
 Lord Soth, given the chance to prevent the impending Cataclysm, refuses.
0: The Cataclysm

The Age of Despair
Dates are referenced by Alt-Cataclian reckoning-after the Cataclysm.

The Time of Darkness
1-300AC: Famine and plague of the Shadow Years; persecution of the Knights of Solamnia;
appearance of Zhakar dwarves; beginning of the Seeker movement.
3-140AC: Takhisis finds Temple of Istar in the Abyss.
39AC: The Dwarfgate War ensues when the dwarves of Thorbardin bar their gates against refugees.
141AC: Using the Foundation Stone from the ruined Temple of Istar, Takhisis opens a gateway to Krynn.
142-152AC: Takhisis wanders the land awakening Evil dragons, then returns to the Abyss to gather her forces.
157AC: Berem and Jasla discover the Foundation Stone and inadvertently close the gate.
203AC: Birth of Flint Fireforge.
210AC: Takhisis discovers she is trapped in the Abyss.
249AC: Birth of Tanis Half-Elven.
271AC: Birth of Laurana (Lauranalanthalasa) of the House of Solostaran.
287AC: Evil dragons steal the Good dragon eggs.
296AC: Takhisis forces the metallic wyrms to swear not to interfere with her upcoming war.
300-320AC: Minions of Takhisis seek Berem in vain.
307AC: Birth of Jasper Fireforge, Flint's nephew.
313AC: Birth of Tasslehoff Burrfoot.
318AC: Birth of Kitiara Uth Matar.
319AC: Birth of Riverwind.
322AC: Birth of Goldmoon and Sturm Brightblade.
324AC: Birth of Sara Dunstan.
326AC: Birth of twins Caramon and Raistlin Majere.
332AC: Birth of Tika Waylan.

The Time of Dragons
332-340AC: Evil dragons ally with Dragon Highlords.
334AC: Birth of Ariakan.
337AC: The Evil of the Foundation Stone spreads to nearby lands.
341AC: Neraka offers an alliance to neighboring realms. All of them accept, as refusal means death.
342AC: Draconians are created from corrupted eggs of Good dragons.
343-347AC: Dark generals train dragonarmies as well as human rogues, goblins, hobgoblins, and ogres.
344AC: Birth of Steel Brightblade.
346AC: The future Heroes of the Lance begin their search for any sign of the lost gods in the world.
348AC: The War of the Lance begins as the dragonarmies overrun much of eastern Ansalon.
349AC: Attack on Silvanesti; birth of Lorac's Nightmare.
350AC: The dragonarmies rebuild their forces from the folk they have conquered-most of eastern Ansalon.
351AC: By year's end, much of Ansalon has fallen. Goldmoon and Riverwind reveal the Staff of
Mishakal to the Heroes of the Lance
352AC: The Whitestone Council; presentation of dragonlances. Battle of the High Clerist's Tower; death of
Sturm Brightblade. Metallic dragons help turn the tide. Ariakan taken prisoner. The Heroes of the Lance journey
 with Berem to Neraka; Flint Fireforge dies. Reuniting his stolen gem with the Foundation Stone,
Berem destroys Takhisis's gateway to Krynn.
353AC: War of the Lance ends. A group of draconians steals several Good dragon eggs and flees south.
353-357AC: The forces of Good work to destroy all remaining dragonarmies.
355AC: Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan becomes Grand Master of the Knights of Solamnia and orders an update
 of the Measure of the Knighthood.
356AC: Raistlin and Caramon Majere journey into the past to change history and challenge the Dark Queen.
357AC: The Blue Lady's War; release of Lord Ariakan; conception of the idea of the Knights of Takhisis.
358AC: Raistlin holds off the Dark Queen; Caramon seals the Portal of the Abyss. Tanin Majere is born.
359AC: Birth of Sturm Majere.
360AC: Qué-Shu is rebuilt. A daughter, Moonsong, is born to Riverwind and Goldmoon there.
361AC: The infant Usha arrives at the Irda isle, and Goldmoon gives birth to a daughter, Brightdawn.
362AC: Silvanesti queen Alhana Starbreeze marries Qualinesti heir Porthios. Palin Majere is born.
366AC: Gilthas is born to Tanis and Laurana.
370AC: Lord Ariakan oversees the official investiture of the first Knights of Takhisis.
373-374AC: Laura is born to Caramon and Tika, followed the next year by Dezra.
378AC: Tanis Half-Elven and Caramon visit Storm's Keep. Steel Brightblade becomes a Dark Knight.
380AC: The scattered tribes of Abanasinia now look for leadership to Riverwind and Goldmoon of Qué-Shu.
381AC: The Wizard's Conclave sends a group to Storm's Keep to attack the Gray Knights of Takhisis.
382AC: Porthios ends Lorac's Nightmare. Elf elders force Gilthas, to become speaker. Alhana Starbreeze
is imprisoned; Porthios and Alhana become dark elves. Lord Gunthar retires. Sir Thomas of Thelgaard
commands the High Clerist's Tower. Tanin and Sturm Majere are the first non-Solamnics in the Knighthood.
383AC: Chaos freed; Majere deaths; Palin held prisoner; Raistlin released; Dark Knight conquest.
0: The Second Cataclysm begins; Rift opens, releasing creatures of Chaos. At the High Clerist's Tower,
Chaos forces kill all but Steel Brightblade's unit and some Solamnic prisoners; Lord Ariakan dies;
Takhisis withdraws. The Chaos War continues as Palin and Knights fight Chaos in the Abyss.
Tasslehoff Burrfoot stabs Chaos; Usha catches his blood in the Graygem, forcing Chaos to depart.
 Other gods also must leave.

The Age of Mortals
Krynn's Fifth Age begins with the dawn after the Battle of the Rift, when a new red star appears in
 the sky-as though to show that mankind is not alone, after all. Dates are referenced by Saer Cataclian
 reckoning, meaning after the Second Cataclysm.
1SC: Construction of the Last Heroes' Tomb in Solace; the Council of Last Heroes; destruction
of the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas.
2SC: The arrival of Malystryx; Riverwind's last quest; birth of Ulin Majere.
3SC: The Kender Flight; the Herald appears.
4SC: The Dragon Purge begins, causing metallic dragons to flee to the Dragon Isles. Malys forms
the Desolation. Khellendros seizes the Vingaard Mountains region, including Palanthas. Birth of
Linsha Majere. The Knights' Accord in Neraka; birth of Linsha Majere; passing of the starjewel
 and formation of the Legion of Steel.
5SC: Goldmoon's epiphany.
6SC: Dark Knights expand out from Neraka. They still cling to their rule of Qualinesti through its
Speaker, Gilthas. Draconians form the free realm of Teyr. Onysablet the Black (Sable) begins
 transforming New Coast and Blödehelm into swamp.
7SC: Word of Goldmoon's new mystic magic spreads; Palin becomes head of the Order of White Robes.
8SC: Foundation of the Citadel of Light. The red dragon Pyrothraxus takes Mount Nevermind.
9SC: Lord Gunthar dies; new Solamnic Grand Master Liam Erhling unveils the revised Measure.
11SC: Qualinesti under Dark Knight rule remains free of dragon control; Silvanesti develops a magical shield.
12SC: Gellidus the White claims Southern Ergoth; glaciated land mass produces "the Gale."
13SC: Belladonna claims power over all kender of Hylo; lady Crysania advises Solamnic High Council.
14SC: Blue Thunder and brass Splendor take up adjoining realms in the eastern Plains of Dust.
15SC: The Vision returns; Sara Dunstan dies, leaving followers her Legacy.
16SC: Red Fenalysten and green Lorrinar take command of realms in northern Ansalon.
17SC: Two white dragons, Cryonisis and Frisindia, take up residence in the Icewall Glacier and Icereach.
18SC: Men explore the Desolation, by order of the Solamnic Knights' High Command.
20SC: A robed figure, the Shadow Sorcerer, walks out of the Desolation, armed with new sorcerous abilities.
22SC: Elves begin vanishing from Qualinesti; hunters seek one specific green dragon, to no avail.
24SC: Sorcery in chaos; Palin Majere emerges from power struggle as Head of the Conclave.
25SC: Qualinesti bows to the Beryllinthranox the Green after demonstration of her life-stealing abilities.
 Beryl searches for Wayreth-the Last Tower of High Sorcery. Elves continue to vanish. Alhana and Porthios
 vow to free Qualinesti so their son may rule a united elf nation.
27SC: Brine takes Dimernesti.
28SC: The Last Conclave at Wayreth; discovery of sorcery; Orders of Magic disbanded. Sorcerous aid
 saves the Qualinesti from genocide. The Shadow Sorcerer withdraws.
29SC: Beryl expands the forest to Thorbardin, Dwarves seal their mountain, expelling dissenters and their
messianic leader Severus Stonehand. Hill dwarf refugees flee to Abanasinia. Palin founds the Academy of Sorcery.
30SC: Dragon Purge ends; Malystryx establishes borders of the Dragon Realms. Thoradin reclaimed.
31-32SC: The Heroes of the Heart challenge the Great Dragons.
33SC: Brine perishes; Malys's attempt to ascend to godhood is thwarted; the Emperor of Ergoth sends his daughter,
 Mercidith, to study at the Citadel of Light.
34SC: The present.