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What is the MUD?

     The Mud is a Multi User dungeon. Where people can interact with other players and or battle the Dark Queen's Minions. Get the feel of being in the Dragonlance saga. You can be any race from Krynn you wish, walk through the streets of Palanthas, and go on quests to help the gods defeate the Dark Queen.

Storm Over Krynn runs on a Modified Rom24 code base.
Features that have been added to Storm Over Krynn

Room, Object, and Mob programs                                Extended Races
Extended Classes and Sub Classes                            Clans
Online Social Editing                                                        PK System
Loop's Color Code                                                            OLC
                                         And many other features


There are three ways that you can connect to Storm Over krynn

1. If you have a Java compatable web browser you can click below and use our Java client


Your Browser seems to have no Java support. Please get a new browser or enable Java to see this applet!


2.     You can use your favorite Telnet or Mud client to connect to the mud. Just click on "JUMP TO THE MUD" to experience the adventure of a lifetime.

3. Or use a "Mud/Mush client to connect

Mud address = play.legendsofkrynn.net
Port = 6100

Suggested Mud client to use to connect


Elf Client

Fire Client

List of other clients Shadows Mud Resources